JAVA (Island) - Radio beacon

JAVA (Island) - Radio beacon

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Altitude: 1200 - 1500 m
Region: Sunda (Indonesia)
Species: Arabica
Variety: Catimor, Line S,

Harvest: May to September
Harvest Type: Manual
Treatment: Semi-Washed and drying on African beds

Body: Balanced
Profile: Milk chocolate, lemon, honey, caramel


Score: 85/100

From Bandung in the Sunda region to West Java, the Sundanese attach great importance to nature. This coffee is produced only under the shade of trees of various species (pines, eucalyptus, avocado trees, etc.).
The spice-fruit blend on the palate perfectly reflects the complexity and subtlety of the Indonesian terroir.

Between high altitude forests and rice fields, the plantations extend over the Guntur volcanoes, this small cooperative focuses on product quality, people and respect for the environment.
Its objective is to preserve organic coffees (sustainable and fair trade) typical of Indonesian culture. The cooperative respects an almost organic and shaded system.