ETHIOPIA - Jimma Guracho

ETHIOPIA - Jimma Guracho

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Altitude: 2100 m
Region: Jimma
Species: Arabica
Variety: Heirloom
Harvest: November to January
Harvest Type: Manual
Treatment: Honey and drying on African beds

Body: Round
Profile: Floral, dried fruits, spice and milk


Score: 85/100

Nazimu Abamecho grows exceptional coffee.

A natural environment (rich in native arboreal species) gives this coffee a quality cup.

This legendary gomma coffee (one of the places of origin and history of coffee) is grown under forest and in a protected environment.

Cultivated at more than 2000 m altitude in a mountainous region, the farmer perpetuates a regional agricultural heritage.

Its independent cooperative ensures traceability and quality.

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